"I'm a big fan of the Second Base Sarah cami. It's just perfect for dresses with a low neckline-no more bunching! Definitely love these and I tell people about them all the time!"
-- Alison H.

"The idea is fabulous. I was just thinking of how I could wear some of my low cut v-necks without the bulk of a tank and your top is the perfect answer."
-- Phoebe J.

"Second Base was so comfortable I totally forgot I had it on. I intended to try it out with a bunch of different tops, but I got distracted and about three hours later I remembered I was still wearing it. Most excellent!"
-- Tara M.

"My newest obsession! The demi style gives you all the benefits of a camisole without adding bulk and is perfect to wear under those low-cut tops. They also come in very handy for wrap dresses (it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a normal cami to sit still under a wrap)!"
-- Style Hive

"Simple and brilliant' what a great cami alternative!"
-- Sal K.

"I have both styles and I love them. I think half camis are the best for summer dresses. The don't roll up and have me trying to figure out a way to tuck them into my underwear so the cami isn't all rolled up under my dress."
-- Mere T.

"Have been searching FOREVER for something to wear under tank dresses and maxi dresses, and thankfully, I stumbled onto your site! Thank you for making it easier for girls with boobs (!) to enjoy the summer styles without looking like, well, you know..."
-- Cecile W.

"I just received my "Meredith" and I love it already! It feels great, it looks great... can't wait to get more!"
-- Katrina H.

"I've just received my Second Base 'Sarah' cami in black. One word: KILLER. It's so soft and comfortable. It literally feels like you're not wearing it and that's the point. It also fits like a dream. Very, very fab."
-- Angie F.

"Love the product. Totally life changing for girls with real boobs!"
-- Carisa J.

"What a great idea! As a stylist I am always on the lookout for fabulous camis that my clients can layer for coverage, but also to add a pop of color around their face."
-- Michelle L.

"I just received my Sarah and I am so happy! No more pinning, or looking for a bra with an attached camisole! "
-- Amber B.

"I've already worn it and loved it! It's perfect for my summer as it's already 90+ here."
-- Dana I.

"This is a great design what a wonderful idea. I often find shirts and dresses I love but the cleavage factor can be a little too much to wear too work. This is a great solution and perfect for hot days as it does not add a layer."
-- Sara L.

"I've only tried on the cami, but I think you have a home run. My immediate thought was, "Oh, I am going to get a lot of wear out of this!" Terrific product idea & it looked great when I tried it on. Thank you for your excellent customer service as well."
-- Stacey K.

"I've just received my first Second Base, "Sarah!" It is awesome, both comfortable and well designed. You save my embarrassing moments of exposing my cleavage at work without being sweaty in the hot summer."
-- Frances Y.

"Just got my first Second Base. I love it! So much better than the camis I was wearing for work before."
-- Caitlin T.

"I love your product and will recommend it to friends and family! Thank you!"
-- Amanda H.

"It's the perfect wear-to-work layer under low-cut tops and dresses that lets you conceal on the job, reveal at night. When you don't want to roast in a cami, this is the ideal little layer."
-- La Petite Coquette

"I got my demi camis a couple weeks ago, and I LOVE them. I'm wearing one with a low cut dress today ' perfect! They are so soft, stretchy, and light weight'a great solution for a big busted woman who HAS to wear a bra at all times!"
-- Jenna D.

"Your demi camis are just what I have been looking for! Australian summers are just too hot to wear a full cami but most of my maternity tops are too low without one."
-- Sarah B.

"Try layering one of these silky pieces under a deep V-neck for extra coverage without bulk!"
-- People Stylewatch

"It doesn't cling to other knits and it doesn't get linty like some cheap spandex blends. I really can't find anything wrong with my Second Base demi-cami, and it has made me into a bit of a camisole convert."
-- Wardrobe Oxygen

"I love the cropped camis. Such a great idea."
-- Karen G.

"I wore it all day under a very low cut top that I have. I haven't worn this top for a while because I feel it shows too much but with the demi cami under it it felt comfortable AND looked great. The material is lovely and soft and fits very well."
-- Bumpwear Project

"What I like most of all though is that they turn my more casual evening wear into more appropriate tops or dresses for work without being too revealing."
-- Tara Met Blog

"Perfect for light summer tops and dresses. Something else you didn't know you needed but will wonder how you lived without!"
-- The Succulent Wife

"Just wanted to say I LOVE my new cami! Now I can wear my cute tops without them clinging to me like they did with regular length camis. I recommended them to ALL of my girlfriends & ordered a 2nd one today! Great for Texas summer weather."
-- Randa B.

"I don't have to tug away at it like I would your ordinary tube top or stretchy strapless tank. Second Base? Try home run!"
-- Sicka Than Average

"I bought one of your products and loved it! I recommend them to all of my friends."
-- Amanda S.

"Love them!!! And now they are available in many colors, all of which I own. The new stretchy lace one is gorgeous! Thanks for a QUALITY, Beautiful solution to a common female dilemma. Camisoles no more!"
-- Patty H.

"No pregnant lady should wear a sundress without Second Base. Saving my wardrobe this summer!"
-- Meredith F.

"This is genius! I just bought all the spring colors and love them! I also have the new all lace Celeste and really like it; the size was just right too! "
-- Jenn B.

"I had ordered two items, and received them in the mail today. That was fast, thank you! I am so excited about finding a camisole that actually provides coverage, and is cool and comfortable! Thanks!"
-- Jessica M.

"I have to tell you that it is the best invention ever for pregnant ladies! I use mine all the time, it is perfect!"
-- Bethany T.

"I love your product! I am a small person, so every shirt I buy is cut too low, but full tanks add too much bulk. I can now buy any shirt on the rack - thank you!"
-- Melissa S.

"I have a whole new work wardrobe because of Second Base - thank you thank you! I have recommended your products to all of my friends and colleagues - I can't say enough good things about them."
-- Laura W.


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